Beica ben!

Unveiling and Celebrating the Occitan Identity
of the Grana, Maira, and Stura Valleys

The Occitan valleys
as you’ve never seen
or experienced them before!


This project seeks to enrich the cultural, natural, and scenic heritage alongside the outdoor offerings of the Grana, Maira, and Stura valleys, territories still bound by a vibrant Occitan cultural identity today. Through contemporary art, led by artistic director Olga Gambari, artists have delved into the valleys, seeking the true essence of these locales and sharing their findings through their art.

Additionally, the region is being promoted by assembling tourist packages tailored to various visitor preferences, combining art, nature, and cuisine to provide a genuine Occitan experience.

The initiative is spearheaded by the town of Caraglio in partnership with the towns of Celle di Macra, Monterosso Grana, Dronero, and the Mountain Unions of the Stura, Maira, and Grana Valleys, along with the Espaci Occitan Museum, the La Cevitou Association, the Acquaviva Biopark, the Filatoio di Caraglio (the Caraglio silk mill), the Floema Social Cooperative, the Terra del Castelmagno Ecomuseum, the Upper Maira Valley Ecomuseum, the Son de Lenga Museum, the Ecomusei Piemonte Network, and the Piedmont Region.

The ‘Beica Ben!’ project is brought to life with the backing of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation as part of the ‘In Light: Celebrating and Sharing the Cultural Identities of the Territories’ tender under the Culture Objective’s Mission to Create Attractiveness. This aims to culturally and creatively valorise the territories of Piedmont, Liguria, and the Aosta Valley, enhancing their appeal and accessibility for both locals and tourists, with a view towards sustainable social and economic growth.

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