1.2 | LenzuoliSOSpesi

by Silvia Capiluppi


The artist has created four new ‘LenzuoliSOSpesi’ (‘Suspended Sheets’), a dynamic project that has engaged thousands of people since 2018. Sheet no. 122 was part of the ‘TUTTI I NOMI DI DIO’ (‘ALL THE NAMES OF GOD’) exhibition at the Filatoio di Caraglio, where visitors embroidered their names, while the ‘Di Filo in Filo’ (‘From thread to thread’) embroiderers added an Occitan Cross. Sheet no. 123, hosted by the Casa Vittoria Residence in San Pietro, was embellished with the embroidered name ‘Vittoria’. Sheet no. 124, found in the Maira Valley, was tinted blue with designs reminiscent of cupules, the distinctive rock engravings of the Grana and Maira valleys. Along with the community’s names and the seven-pointed Occitan Star. Sheet no. 127, entitled ‘1.2’, was crafted from an ancient silk spool used for typewriter ribbons. The artist adorned it with a cocoon using white silk thread and a butterfly with gold thread. The red thread stretched 1.2 km long – the minimum length spun in a single stretch by a silkworm.

These sheets are displayed at the Terra del Castelmagno Ecomuseum.

Silvia Capiluppi

Silvia Capiluppi is an artist, architect, naturopath, and yoga instructor. For years, she has led a significant, inclusive, and community-focused initiative to create embroidered sheets with red thread that capture names, thoughts, and symbols. These shared diaries bridge past and present, where the threads of individual stories weave into a large collective narrative in open authorship. Individuals, both local and distant, are encouraged to stitch their names and a graphic symbol onto white sheets with red thread. From this endeavour, numerous other projects have flourished. Embroidery serves as a practice of communion and contemplation, akin to a collective act of devotion, stemming from ancient traditions prevalent across diverse cultures around the globe. This same red thread is frequently encountered in various settings for both practical and ceremonial purposes.